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Map 3

8 A.M. Friday Morning.27th August.

On Wednesday, we made 68 miles.

Yesterday we made 12 miles, in light snow.

Not bad, or not very good, depending on how you look at it. The east side of the Taymyrski Peninsula, where we are, is clogged with heavy ice. The wind was blowing westerly moving the ice out a little. By opportunity we groped along the shore, so close that we saw this polar bear at the waters edge. That was about five miles back.

Now we're stuck again, anchored in 3 metres, with solid ice ahead.

The bad news is that the winds for the next 5 days are forecast east and north east, which will pin ice to the shore.

The good news is that we're only 150 miles now from Cape Cheluskin, and right now its clear water beyond.

P.S. The Irish Flag on our stern is frozen solid.

Polar Bear at the Water's Edge

Northabout Through the Ice

Campina Sunset