White Island { Kvitoya or Ostrav Byely}

White Island is a low lying tract of land about 20 miles in diameter, cut off from the Yamal Peninsula by the narrow Malygin Strait. We went ashore there yesterday. The sandy beach on the north shore was littered with massive

driftwood, some of which was washed far inshore by northerly storms and ice. On the horizon to the south we could see the silhouette of reindeer grazing on the tundra , and to the east, a lone muskox .. The birds were agitated as we invaded their territory. Gaggles of geese flew overhead, as ever out of range.? To the native Nentsy/ Samoyed population, this is their Sacred Ground. We didn't find any evidence of their presence, but there, 200 metres in from the shore, was a Light Tower, constructed of wood, and probably containing a small nuclear cell.

We stayed well clear

John Murray,of Crossing The Line Films, who is making a film of this expedition, has also made a documentary on the Nomadic People of the Yamal Peninsula

MB, 1 Sept 2005.

White Island Tree Stump