Some previous polar sailing voyages

  • In 1990 we had a memorable voyage in the traditionally built, gaff rigged,Galway Hooker St Patrick. We sailed north to Spitzbergen and returned to Ireland via Murmansk, Norway and the Shetland Islands.

  • In 1993 we again sailed north, this time to Northwest Greenland, through the frozen seas of Baffin Bay, until stopped by the ice in Melville Bay, West Greenland.
St Patrick in ice
  • In 1997, our South Aris expedition re-enacted Irishman Earnest Shackleton's amazing survival in Antarctic waters. Following the loss of his ship the endurance in 1916, Shackleton with five of his crew sailed 800 miles to South Georgia in a 23-foot open boat named James Caird. Our replica vessel, Tom Crean, was named in honour of the "unsung hero" of the Endurance expedition. The Russian vessel Kapitan Molchonov provided support in delivering our boat to Antarctica.
    Details of our expedition on our website
  • In 2001 we sailed our specially designed, ice-strengthened yacht, Northabout through the Northwest Passage from Ireland to the Pacific by way of Greenland, Arctic Canada and Alaska..
    Details of this expedition on our website.
Northabout in ice