Passage Plan







            Distance   485 miles.     Sea Sailing Directions. Volume 3


            Charts  7663  to Pullen Island. / Hooper Island.

            Go outside Pullen.         WP  101  69º 47.6 N   134º 15 W       Watch Depth.

Note.  If ice-pressed or in good conditions, an inside passage, with charted depth of 2 metres may be possible, by sounder on the 2 metre line. There is a 3 mile saving.



Chart  7650.    1:500    Barter Island to Toker Point  (Tuktoyugtuk)

Set Course across Mackenzie Bay for Herschel Island.   100 miles


Workboat Passage.  Depth 2  metres.   WP 102           69º 29.5 N       139º 02.5 W

Herschel North of                                 WP 103           69º 39 N          139º 07 W

Herschel Island to Barter Island


Chart 7650  1:500        to Camboen Bay          145º 25 W

Jago Spit                                              WP No 104     70º 10 N          143º 16.5 W

Set out only if ice-conditions permit.

Shelter possible at Demarcation Bay, Clarence Lagoon.


Barter Island to Prudhoe Bay                                                  100 miles

Chart 16061     Prudhoe Bay

From Brownlow Point westwards there is a chain of islands behind which shelter or passage may be possible.

Charts we don’t have are 16042 to 16046, 16062.

Sailing Directions. Alaska. We want.


Prudhoe to Cape Halkett                                                                    90 miles

Go outside Return Islands

                              Jones Islands

            Chart 16063, 16064, 16065

            Cross Harrison Bay in 3 metres to 5 metres

            To waypoint 105 Cape Halkett 70º 50 N          152º 10 W











            Cape Halkett to Point Barrow                                                 95 miles

            Chart 16066, 16067, 16081, 16082

            Follow the coast around Pitt Point

Cross Smith Bay

            Follow the coast to Plover Islands

            Inside route is possible westward for 20 miles from

            Sanigaruak Pass                       WP 106           71º 11.5 N       155º 23 W

            To Elvitak Pass ( 3 miles from Pt. Barrow)

            Round Point Barrow into Chukchi Sea.





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