North West Passage Expedition



Passage Plan

The following are detailed maps and descriptions of the route.

NWP1                    Northabout Passage Summary
NWP2                    Westport to Ilulissat
NWP_3-4              Ilulissat, Greenland to Resolute
NWP5                    Alternative route, through Bellot Strait
NWP6-7-8             Resolute to Gjoahaven
NWP9-10              Gjoahaven to Cambridge Bay
NWP11-12            Cambridge Bay to Kugluktuk
NWP13                  Paulatuk to Tuktoyugtuk
NWP14-15            Tuktoyugtuk to Point Barrow
NWP16                  Point Barrow onward



3.6 inflatable dinghy and 8 horsepower engine


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Precision Sheet Metal Workers
Suppliers of tanks and fittings in stainless steel


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