Passage Plan






This is a prospect only if ice conditions in Prince Regent Inlet on the east and Franklin Strait on the west, look good. Decision Period is Cape Sherrard to Beechey Island.

From Beechey Island, (must see) there is no distance saving as between Peel Sound and Prince Regent Inlet.


Chart 7569

Prince Leopold Island west side WP is 74 00 N 9020 W 50 miles

Batty Bay (Kennedy wintered here 1851-52)

WP 73 14 N 9115 W 55 miles


Chart 7575

Fury Beach (Parry's Fury lost here in 1825) 30 miles


Possession Point WP 72 00 N 94 00 W 60 miles

Chart 7552

Anchor in Depot Bay, opposite Fort Ross. 6 miles

        Study tide. High and Low Water. R&F is 2.9 m.

        Hike to Mount Walker 5.5 K, distant, 280 m, to view down channel.

        Study stream, eastward and westward.

Stream is west-going HW-2 hrs to HW + 4 hrs

East-going LW-2 to LW + 4

Maximum 8 knots.


Check for Spring tide Neap Tide.

Distance Depot bay West side 18 miles.

If possible (?) to go north of Fox Islands (away from Magpie Rock) to Rum Cove and await good conditions.

Sailing Directions describe contrary streams on north and south of the strait, with shore to shore whirlpools at Magpie Rock. Current slackened 1 mile westward.

Depart Fox Islands at LW +2, to stem the general stream for 2 hours but expect a strong westward eddy.

Possible refuge at Halfway Island.

Arrive at Western end with westward flow, carrying ice from the western mouth.

Note the bight inside Leask Point, possible poor refuge, or False Strait, if accessible.




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