Passage Plan







This passage is all about ice in Peel Sound / Franklin Strait. It is the last ice to clear in the NWP and some years it does not clear at all.


Chart    7569    1:300

7830    1:500


The prevailing winds in Resolute in July are NW and SE, but Table shows most between N and SE.

Sailing Directions, Page 129, say ice break-up starts in the first week of August with clearing, when it occurs through most of the area by the first week of September.

Freeze up begins in the north during the third week of September.

It therefore seems that the latest dates for going into Peel Sound are:

A/        If Ice-Free, September 12th.

B/        If loose-ice (3/10)         Sept  10th.

C/        If heavy ice (7/10)        Sept  1st, and only with a strong easterly or westerly wind to clear a lead either on one side or the other.

We do not want to be beset between Resolute and Toloyak.

Resolute – Cape Granite Somerset Island

WP 54             73º45 N           95º42 W                                              60 miles

Note.   Isolated Rock off Cape Granite (?)

                        Aston Bay offers shelter.


Cape Granite to Cape Court.                                                               25 miles

Chart 7575, 7552, 7740


Cape Court to Pemmican Rock. Bellot Strait West                             85 miles

WP 55             Pemmican Rock.                 71º58 N    95º13 W         


Bellot Strait to Tasmania Islands. Boothia Peninsula               49 miles

WP 56             NW of Tasmania Islands.   71º21 N     96º53 W         


Charts  7083, 7760

Tasmania Islands to Cape Victoria (James Ross Strait)                        93 miles

WP 57             Cape Victoria                      69º55 N    96º12 W         

Passing Pasley bay, where RCMP St. Roch wintered 1944/42

                        Ice bound 3/9/41          to 4/8/42

Note how early she went to winter quarters!










Cape Victoria to Cape Cambridge – James Ross Strait                   37 miles

James Ross Strait is where ‘Gjoa’.

·        Went on rocks off Matty island.

·        Subsequently had a 5 day gale (from all directions) while anchored behind ‘ Cape Christian Frederick!.



It will be dark on August 30th  @ 21.00

Note Tidal Rips on chart. Sailing Directions state that the ‘current is strong’


James Ross Strait to Gjoahaven                                                          65 miles

Through St. Roch Basin and Rae Strait.

Taloyoak  (Spence Bay) on eastern side.


Taloyoak is some 50 miles extra on the direct route for Gjoahaven.

It was/is the end-of-the-line for supply ships from the west.

Ice Clears 1/8/ ie. early.

Tidal Range is 1 foot. Sheltered Harbour.

Population 488 (1986). Flights. 3 /week. One Hotel

Lift Out / Haul Out possibilities?


We can call here:

·        For end of Season haul Out

·        Or if Gjoa haven is planned Haul-Out, and we have time to call here.

·        Port of Refuge is required.


Gjoahaven. This is “must-stop / must-see”.

Population 650 (1986)  One Hotel.

Haul-up Facilities?

12/9/1903        Gjoa anchored here. He wrote that he could have continued westward.

Good boat landing on either side of the creek at the head of the harbour (OK to leave our vessel there, without haul out? Northabout draft is 4 feet).












Note regarding end of season destination.

·        The next good haul out location is at Cambridge Bay,

§         Distance 255 miles. Population 1,002 (1986)

§         All facilities

§         No ice problem before Sept 30th.


·        Tuloyoak, Gjoahaven, Cambridge Bay, at ‘the heart of the NWP’ are most attractive. Thereafter comfort will be scarce and cold.


Distances from Cambridge Bay are:

            Kugluktuk (Coppermine)                                  250 miles

            Population 888 (1986)

            Haul out facilities?


            Paulatuk       (Pop 250)                                    453 miles

            Haul out facilities?


Tuktoyugtuk                                                     662 miles

            All Facilities


            Bockstoce always wintered ‘Belvedere’ here.



            About 80 miles up Mackenzie River

            All facilities