Passage Plan







Distance 255 miles. NW Gales are common in Summer.

Crux. Simpson Strait. 7 knot stream, tidal rips.

At Gjoahaven, enquire for slack water at Simpson Strait.


CHARTS 7060 Overall

7760        To Todd Island.

7733        Simpson Strait/ See Blow-ups.

7731        Storis Passage and Requisite Channel.

7725        Requisite Channel.

7783        Queen Maud Gulf. East.

7782        Queen Maud gulf. West.


To Todd Island. Leave to Starboard. 15 miles. WP 6826 N 96 16 W

Clear dangers off Booth Point.


To Ristvedt Island Leave to Starboard 1 mile WP 68 30.3 N 9715.8 W.

Todd to Ristvedt. 22 miles.

Note Tidal Stream when passing Tulloch Point.

See Blown-up Chartlet. Ristvedt to Gladman Point. 10 miles.


Simpson Strait If conditions are unsuitable, go to anchor north-east of Eta Island. In good Conditions Set waypoint for Salliq Island, north of 68 38.3 N 98 00 W. Distance 18 miles.

Catherine Island. Leave to Port.

Eta Island. Leave to Starboard

Trowel Island. Leave to Port.

Dolphin Island to port.

Identify Saatuq Island.

There then are two routes to Salliq Island.


Recommended Route.

Leave Saatuq to port. Beacons on Eta astern in line.

To the north-west of Saatuq is a narrow channel, mile wide with very shoal water on either side.

The channel is mile north of Saatuq.

Leave Minor to Port, Hook to Starboard.

Magnus to Port 1 mile off.








Calf Islands to Port. Keep close to avoid isolated rock to the north-west.

(Alternately go for 1 mile off Gladman Point)

Steer for Salliq Island. Leave to Port.


Alternative Charted Southern Route.

This is more straight-forward in good visibility.

Leave Saatuq to starboard. Steer for Salliq.

Identify Islands to starboard Ujarat, with two islands to S.E.

Boulder, with beacon

Kilwinnin, 200 ft




Chart 7731

Storis Passage. (from Salliq to Requisite Channel)

WP X 6 miles north of Wiik Island 63 38.6 N 99 34.8 W

Salliq to WPX 34 miles 270 T

WP Y 6 miles north of Leader Island. 68 29.5 N 100 07 W

XY 15 miles Avoid Ambush Rock.


Chart 7725

Requisite Channel. 45 miles

Pallender Strait 42 miles not worth the distance saved.


Steer for WP Z 19 miles south of Amundson Island, (in Nordenskold Islands).


QUEEN MAUD GULF Chart 7783 and 7782


WP Z to WP ZZ Chart 7782 off Cape Colbourne.

Distance 120 miles ZZ is 68 57.5 N 105 17 W

Leave Jenny Lind Island 12 miles to Starboard

Melbourne Island to Port.


Alter Course North East. Distance to Cambridge Bay Settlement is 12 miles.

Leave Simpson Rock to Port.

Leave Jag Point to Port. Tie @ Sheetpiled Wharf.





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