Passage Plan



1,100 MILES




General Note:  All waypoints are approximate only due to incomplete coordination of charts and world datums.



·        Crew Change (s) in Ilulissat. Week-end Saturday July 21st.

·        THE PLAN. Get the earliest crossing of Melville Bay, in order to be in position for the earliest passage down Peel Sound or Prince Regent Inlet / Bellot Strait.

Melville Bay ice breaks up from August 1st, and is clear (4/10 or less) by     August  15th, usually. We want to be at its southern edge, Kuvlordsuaq, by say July 25th, ready to go.


·        Sunday July 22nd. Depart Ilulissat for Upernavik 280 miles. 1600 Series Charts.

·        Take on Fuel and Water. Check Ice Reports and Forecast.

Wednesday Depart Upernavik for Kuvdlorssuaq. 150 miles.


Note 1. SSB reception in Kuvdlorssuaq anchorage was found to be poor in 1993 ‘Saint Patrick’.


Note 2. All passages from here onward are ice-dependant.


Chart 3100.

·        Depart Kuvdlorssuaq when,

·        Ice-reports for Melville Bay show less than 6/10.

·        No southerly or westerly wind is forecast, for 5 days, in excess of F.5

Hike to Devils Thumb to ‘recce’ to seaward.

Sail a route along the shore-fast ice. This will be about 10º to east of a direct line for Cape York. WP.50 ---------   Distance 150 miles.

This will be our ‘Furthest North’


Chart 3200.

·        Cape York to Cape Sherrard       250 miles

                  This should be in open ‘North Water’.


Chart 7220.

WP 51 Cape Sherrard   74º34 N            80º13W

Cape Sherrard to Beechey Island 187 miles

Keep to north side of Lancaster Sound, to take advantage of the west-going current.

Passing Bylot Island, to south 50 miles.

            Dundas Harbour, Croker Bay.








Chart 7568.

To Maxwell Bay 89ºW

                        Prince Regent Inlet to the south.


For the route through Prince Regent / Bellot Strait to be of advantage, the ice needs to be clear to the west and east of Bellot Strait. This is unlikely ‘early’ in the navigation season. Vessels going through Bellot Strait on a NWP are usually east-bound, late in the season.

See separate Alternate Passage Plan for this Bellot Strait route.

Chart 7569.


Chart 7527       Erebus and Radstock Bays.


WP 52, for Cape Riley at entrance to Erebus Bay is  74º40 N   91º42 W

Thence to Beechey Island anchorage, opposite ‘Three Graves’ is 4 miles.


Beechey to Resolute. Chart 7511

WP 53             74º39 N           94º46 W

See ‘Data Sheets’ on Resolute.


Anchor off the village. The ‘jetty’ north of the village seems unsuitable, for our vessel, to be to use to us.


Beware. Southerly winds may bring ice into the bay at any time. Be prepared to take evasive action.


·        Resolute. Earliest arrival is Sunday August 5th.

(Based on 1,100 miles @ 100 miles/day + 3 days).

            Latest arrival is Sept 1st.

(Based on not getting across Melville Bay to Cape York until August 25th, then 670 miles in 6 days).




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